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After leaving New York City for Los Angeles and for years working in silence for brands across NYC, LA, and London, Charles is back with a fresh perspective on the inspirations he’s always held dear. These pieces are for living. These pieces are for joy. These pieces are for “her”.



HARBISON has teamed up with Banana Republic and Harlem’s Fashion Row to launch a sustainably designed & developed collection to debut in in September 2021.Crafted using organic and recycled materials, the collaboration will also focus on limited water consumption throughout the manufacturing process. 


“While many details surrounding the collection and what it will look like are still being kept under wraps, Harbison did share some insight into the aesthetics. ‘Banana Republic and I share sensibilities that are rooted in great American design, and I have a deeply rooted connection to the amazing equity work of Harlem’s Fashion Row. I wanted to fuse those ideas with a playful sense of color and line, which I’ve been navigating aesthetically as of late. It really felt organic. And always, all things lead back to my central inspiration: the women of my life.’” 


- Vogue, Nov 2020 


From Beyoncé to Lady Gaga, Ava Duvernay to Michelle Obama, Charles has dressed some of the most prominent women in the world in custom looks. He’s done the same for brides and influencers, C-suite executives and birthday girls, and he and the HARBISON team can do the same for you. Inquire at here or at