HARBISON is that luxury lifestyle design studio that takes an innovative yet modernist approach to color theory, textiles, shape, drape, design, and business. We do it for that ideal customer who navigates their dressing with style, with play, and with intellect. And as social issues have always been foundational to the HARBISON agenda, from feminism and the arc of Black and POC women, the central collection muses, to class, gender, race, and queer equity, we’ve adopted a stronger focus on a mindful relationship with our environment through better product. Having always prioritized sustainability through the scope of thoughtful sourcing and being that custom, direct to consumer business not making more than we can sell, we are now incorporating stronger measures to lesson our footprint, and the footprint of our product, around the world, all the while making our product better and useful for years to come.



Sustainability starts with us. Is it possible to save the planet while sacrificing one another and ourselves? We first take a personal approach to sustainability, one where people are priority. I am a priority. She is a priority.


Culture and community are like parents that rear us and keep us protected as we go along. Sustaining cultures sustains the people who are a part of them. At HARBISON we know the effects of strong cultural roots, and we use our platform to affirm those that are dear to us.


Our goal at HARBISON is to make every item work as collaboratively with our environment as possible. There’s no bigger piece of inspiration than the earth, so we’re prioritizing organic, thoughtfully sourced, and recycled raw materials; creating product that our customers can love for years – or generations – to come, and partnering with the leaders in this climate initiative to see through this supremely important agenda.